Political Broadsides


Republican Ticket, Garfield and Arthur, 1880
This collection contains a selection of broadsides, posters, and flyers created in the realm of politics during the period 1834-2006 from the collections of the Vermont Historical Society. Some items are related to particular elections while others deal with party politics in general. These items support our online exhibit "As In Your Conscience:" Voting in Vermont elsewhere on this website, but you will find more examples from Vermont's political past here than in the exhibit.

Collection Tree

Political Rally at Cavendish Town Hall, n.d.
Announcement of a political rally at the Cavendish Town Hall, Saturday evening, August 29th, at eight o'clock, to feature speeches by George W. Goodrich and S.E. Emery.

Montpelier Republican Caucus, n.d.
Poster for a Montpelier Republican Caucus meeting at Village Hall, to be held the evening of Saturday, September 4th.

Republican Ticket, n.d.
Republican ticket for delegates to the Constitutional Convention: Albert M. Shaw, John L. Spring, Francis A. Cushman, and Nathan B. Stearns