"As In Your Conscience:" Voting in Vermont

Freeman's Oath from 1971 borchure

In this online exhibit, we look back at voting in Vermont over the course the state's history.  The title of this exhibit is drawn from Vermont's Voters Oath, which was called the Freeman's Oath in 1971 when the League of Women Voters pamphlet above was printed. This exhibit features posters and flyers from 1834-2006 in three categories: ballots (unlike today, ballots were printed by the political parties), instructions to voters on how to cast their ballots, and appeals to voters’ civic duty when selecting a candidate or confronting a controversy.  Many of the items in the exhibit were created by partisan campaigns, but others were purely educational.

For more political printed ephemera from the collections of the Vermont Historical Society, see our Political Broadsides collection elsewhere on this website.