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Political Rally at Cavendish Town Hall, n.d.

Announcement of a political rally at the Cavendish Town Hall, Saturday evening, August 29th, at eight o'clock, to feature speeches by George W. Goodrich and S.E. Emery.

Montpelier Republican Caucus, n.d.

Poster for a Montpelier Republican Caucus meeting at Village Hall, to be held the evening of Saturday, September 4th.

Republican Ticket, n.d.

Republican ticket for delegates to the Constitutional Convention: Albert M. Shaw, John L. Spring, Francis A. Cushman, and Nathan B. Stearns

Uncut Anti-Masonic Party Tickets, 1834

Uncut Tickets.jpg
Uncut page of Anti-Masonic Party tickets for the 1834 Vermont state election, listing the parties candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Councillors, and the United States Congress.

O.K.! Old Chittenden Forever!, 1840

Extra from the Burlington Free Press, dated Tuesday, September 2. This appears to be an extract from the newspaper edition published Friday, September 4, 1840, indicating that the date is incorrectly printed. The announcement details the vote counts…

Harrison Elector Ticket, 1840

List of Vermont's electors for William Henry Harrison in the 1840 presidential campaign, including two electors at large and twelve district electors. The ticket is illustrated with a log cabin, the symbol of the Harrison campaign.

Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!, 1844

Circular published by the Sentinel & Democrat, Burlington, November 2, 1844. The text, a letter addressed to Fellow Citizens, cautions of a voter fraud scheme reportedly planned by the Whig party of New York, whereby Vermont citizens living near the…

Letter from the Democratic State Committee, 1852

Democratic State Committee circular, dated Montpelier, October 25, 1852 regarding the upcoming presidential election between Democrat Franklin Pierce and Whig Winfield Scott. Addressed "Dear Sir," the five writers implore the reader to do everything…

Vermont Patriot Extra, Democracy Victorious! 1852

Extra published by the Vermont Patriot & State Gazette, Montpelier, November 1852 updating the public on initial returns from the 1852 presidential election between Franklin Pierce (Democrat) and Winfield Scott (Whig). "Democracy Victorious! That…

The Star Has "Sot," Newspaper Extra, 1853

Extra from the Vermont Patriot & State Gazette, published in Montpelier, dated Friday, October 28 [1853]. The extra announces the selection of John S. Robinson as the state's Governor. Robinson (Democratic), ran against Erastus Fairbanks (Whig) and…

Green Mountain Republican Association, ca. 1854

Document outlining the sixteen founding principles of the Green Mountain Republican Association, which were based upon strict adherence to the United States Constitution. Notable here is the organization's stance on slavery (number ten), advocating…

Council of Censors, 1855

List of members of the Council of Censors elected on Wednesday, March 28, 1855. The Council of Censors was a body established by the 1777 Constitution whose duties included ensuring that each branch of the Vermont government adhered to the principles…