Vermont Black History Archive


This digital archive was assembled by the staff and volunteers of the Vermont Historical Society to provide students with primary documents, photographs, and published articles that document the history of Black Americans in Vermont. We present this information as building blocks for further research, analysis, and understanding. 
This archive is divided into several parts. See the "collection tree" below for a listing of the components of this assemblage of research materials.

This is an on-going project made public on October 23, 2020. New material will be added as it comes to our attention.

Collection Tree

Black children arriving in Vermont
African American children from Harlem arriving at the Burlington Railroad station in Vermont, July 1946. According to a newspaper article said that children were placed in homes from Wilmington to Newport.

Arrival in Vermont
A young black girl looks up as a white woman reads a name tag on her coat.

Arriving girl with host family
A young African American girl is escorted to a car outside of the Burlington train station by her host family.