Photos of Black Americans in Vermont


This is a collection of historic photographs found in the photo files of the Vermont Historical Society in which Black Americans appear. Portraits of Black Vermonters and photographs of locations important to Black history in Vermont can be found in our separate Vermont Black History Database.  The photos in this file are presented for research purposes and do not purport to tell the complete story of Black Americans in Vermont.

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CCC Chow Line in Groton, Vermont.
The Civilian Conservation Corps, a Depression-era program to provide jobs for unemployed men in the Vermont forests, brought some African-Americans to Vermont. According to some histories of the time, this was the first time that many Vermonters had…

Julius Willard and Alice Perham on Swing
Musicians Julius (a.k.a. Julian) Willard and Alice Perham sit on a lawn swing and play their instruments.

Julius Willard and Alice Perham, Musicians
Julius (a.k.a. Julian) Willard poses with a ukulele with two other musicians. The woman with the banjo in thought to be his friend Alice Perham. The identity of the man with the guitar is unknown. Willard and Perham were known to give musical…