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African Americans in Burlington, Vermont, 1880-1990
The history of Black people in Burlington during the late nineteenth century developed within the wider context of other local ethnic groups, but also should be understood on its own terms. At the same time, Afro-Burlingtonians shared many…

African Americans in Addison County, Charlotte, and Hinesburgh, Vermont, 1790-1860
Black Vermonters were, by definition, oddballs -- a tiny minority who chose the country over the city. How did they fare in this rural environment? What sort of work did they find in Vermont's agrarian economy? Did they own farms or homes? Were they…

The working lives of African Vermonters in census and literature, 1790-1870
As in other states, the white majority delegated most Blacks to menial positions, reserving for Anglo-Saxon whites high status jobs and social privileges.