Black History Research Articles


This is a collection of research articles about Blacks in Vermont, mostly published in the Vermont Historical Society's journal Vermont History. Articles about abolition, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil War are not included here unless they reveal something about Vermonter's attitudes towards Blacks. This is not an exhaustive collection. Researchers should consult other sources for additional articles and books.

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Coventry's Mero Family in the Civil War
Civil War service of Andrew H. Mero, Charles W. Mero, Edward H. Mero, and Sylvester Mero of Coventry, Vermont, in the Massachusetts 54th.

Meros of Woodstock and Derby, Vermont: A Network of Free Black Families
While the historical record of the Meros' Civil War service remains indisputable, research led to the discovery of two different Mero families living miles apart from one another. Parallels exist with Cesar Lewis, a Mero neighbor in Sutton, New…

The Buffalo Soldiers in Vermont, 1909-1913
In July 1909, the Tenth United States Cavalry Regiment, one of four regular army black regiments collectively known as the Buffalo Soldiers, arrived in Burlington, Vermont, to begin a four-year tour of duty at Fort Ethan Allen in neighboring…