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Crafts Book of Plans


Samuel Chandler Crafts (1768-1853) probably drew the maps in this leather-bound volume in the late 1790s or early 1800s. The 48 maps show lots with…

1946 Experiment in Racial Harmony


This is a collection of photographs in the files of the Vermont Historical Society that document the "Vermont Plan" organized by Vergennes, Vermont,…

Black Stereotypes in Vermont History


This is a collection of stereotypical and racist depictions of African Americans found in the collections of the Vermont Historical Society. It…

Political Broadsides


This collection contains a selection of broadsides, posters, and flyers created in the realm of politics during the period 1834-2006 from the…

Governor Madeleine Kunin


Sixty-four years after women in Vermont received the vote, Madeleine Kunin was elected the first female governor in the state’s history. This…

Photos of Black Americans in Vermont


This is a collection of historic photographs found in the photo files of the Vermont Historical Society in which Black Americans appear.Portraits of…

Black History Research Articles


This is a collection of research articles about Blacks in Vermont, mostly published in the Vermont Historical Society's journal Vermont History.…

Early Black History Documents


This is a collection of early documents and newspaper clippings showing the presence and status of Black Americans in Vermont from the late 1770s…

Vermont Black History Archive


This digital archive was assembled by the staff and volunteers of the Vermont Historical Society to provide students with primary documents,…

1918 Influenza Pandemic


A collection of items relating to the 1918 influenza pandemic in Vermont.

Contributors: Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society