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Republican Rally, Enosburg Falls Opera House, 1934

Poster for a Republican rally at the opera house in Enosburg Falls featuring Honorable E. S. Brigham of Montpelier and Miss Consuelo Northrop of Washington, DC. Elbert Sidney Brigham represented Vermont in the U.S. House of Representatives from…

Rally Once More! ca. 1884

Poster for a Republican rally at the State House Common, Montpelier, VT on Thursday, September 2nd. The rally was to begin with a speech by Bernard Peters, owner of the Brooklyn Times, a newspaper affiliated with the Republican Party. The event also…

Republican Ticket, n.d.

Republican ticket for delegates to the Constitutional Convention: Albert M. Shaw, John L. Spring, Francis A. Cushman, and Nathan B. Stearns

Green Mountain Republican Association, ca. 1854

Document outlining the sixteen founding principles of the Green Mountain Republican Association, which were based upon strict adherence to the United States Constitution. Notable here is the organization's stance on slavery (number ten), advocating…

Delegates to the Republican State Convention, ca. 1916

Small document listing the delegates to the Republican State Convention: T.N. Vail, A.D. Paige, W.I. Powers, C.L. Stuart, and G.M. Campbell. These are likely the Caledonia County delegates to the 1916 convention.

Young Men's Republican Club, ca. 1895

Constitution of the Young Men's Republican Club of the State of Vermont. The document outlines the seven article constitution of the club, founded in 1895, including its stated purpose "to awake in young men a deeper realization of their public…

Montpelier Republican Caucus, n.d.

Poster for a Montpelier Republican Caucus meeting at Village Hall, to be held the evening of Saturday, September 4th.

Song of the Rutland Fremont Club, 1856

Lyrics to the Song of the Rutland Fremont Club, by A.B. Foot, sung to the tune of Old Dan Tucker. The Fremont Club supported John C. Fremont, the first presidential candidate put forward by the newly formed Republican Party.

Hon. A.B. Gardner at the Washington County Convention, 1872

Announcement of speech by the Honorable A.B. Gardner at the Washington County Convention, to be held in Montpelier on Tuesday, August 20, 1872. Abraham Brodkins Gardner, a Republican, was the Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives from 1863…

Argus and Patriot Extra, 1876

Newspaper extra from November 11, 1876 reporting on the ballot counting process for the 1876 presidential election between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden. This election was too close to call in several states after the…

Tilden and Hendricks Club!, 1876

Announcement for a meeting of the Tilden and Hendricks Club on Thursday, August 17, 1876 at the Village Hall in Montpelier. Samuel Tilden, Governor of New York, was the 1876 Democratic nominee for president, and Thomas A. Hendricks, governor of…

Administrative Reform, 1876

Administrative Reform.jpg
Ticket related to the 1876 presidential election calling for Administrative reform." The slip is illustrated with a rooster, the symbol of the Democratic Party, and lists the Democratic candidates for president and vice president, Samuel J. Tilden of…