Selected Small Broadsides


Selected Small Broadsides

This collection contains scans of classified small broadsides in the collections of the Vermont Historical Society

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Solomon W. Jewett portrait on envelope
Portrait of Solomon W. Jewett (1808-1894) printed on an envelope, with a biographical statement beginning "Solomon W. Jewett, one of the very first healers in America..." Born Weybridge, Vermont, merino sheep breeder and Vermont legislator, Jewett…

Black Valley Railroad guide
Temperance broadside in the form of a railroad handbill and timetable.

Lieutenant governor's address. : Gentlemen of the Council, and of the House of Representatives, I embrace this opportunity to manifest my acceptance of the office, to which I have been declared duly elected. ...
Communicating the "wish hereafter not to be considered as a candidate for any office" and expressing "the deep sense of gratitude which I feel to my fellow citizens." Signed: Paul Brigham. Montpelier, Oct. 15th, 1819. Text printed in two columns.