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Facts to be considered [regarding Kendall's spavin cure]

On p. [1]: caption title as above text beginning with "Ten years ago Kendall's Spavin Cure was practically unknown," followed by list of testimonials continuing onto p. [2]; verso has heading "Convincing evidence that Kendall's spavin cure will do…

Old Gifford : this horse, so well known in Vermont and New Hampshire, will stand the coming season at F. A. Wier's Stable, in Walpole, N.H., for the use of Mares / Frederick A. Wier

Handwritten note on back: "This Gifford horse was raised by Ziba Gifford of Tunbridge VT first Morgan horse ever raised in that town he lived to be over 30 years he died in Walepole N.H. - C.A. Gifford, Chelsea, VT"

No Vermonters in heaven

Poem appeared originally in the Rutland Daily Herald and was written in 1914. Within border of type ornaments. First line: I dreamed that I went to the City of Gold. At end of text: Retnomrev Layol [i.e. Loyal Vermonter].

The Earl of Don Donald / by A. G. Allen

Within border of type ornaments. First line: When James the base tyrant.

Change of time : winter arrangement, 1859 / G. S. Appleton

Lists departure times of trains leaving Burlington on and after Monday, November 21, 1859.

Prof. Flint's horse and cattle condition and renovating powders : the best article known as a blood purifier ... address orders to Dr. B.J. Kendall Co., Enosburgh Falls, Vt.

Product description. Woodcut of horse. Advertisement for "Kendall's treatise on the horse and his diseases" on verso.

Grand Army Republic's response to Sumner's bill for erasing our battle records / By D.S. Stoddard

Poem protesting Charles Sumner's resolution proposing that the names of battles with fellow citizens not be placed on the regimental colors of the United States.Verse in twenty-eight stanzas first line: Blot our our battle records, boys. Text in two…