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  • Collection: Vermont 1970s Counterculture Project Images

Diane, Sasha, and Charlie Gottlieb

Image of Diane and Charlie Gottlieb, with their daughter, Sasha, and dog, at their farm in Lincoln, Vermont.

Rick with Baby Daughter

Rick Levy holds his baby daughter at Chet Cole's house, Marshfield, Vt.

Rick at Maple Hill

Rick Levy stands in front of a VW Beetle at Chet Cole's house, Marshfield, Vt.

At Maple Hill Commune

Two women on chairs in front of a VW Squareback at Maple Hill Commune, Plainfield, Vt.

Three women at Potok house

Three women (Sara Potok, Maya Potok, and Rachel Goldensohn) at the Potok house, East Hill, Plainfield, Vt.

At Maple Hill Commune

Rhea Wilson and four children clown for the camera at Maple Hill Commune, Plainfeild, Vt.

At New School Picnic

Two men (Chet Cole, left, and Tom Absher, right) lounge on the grass listening to concert at the New School Picnic, Plainfield, Vt.

New School Concert

An acousitc band gives a performance at the New School, Plainfield, Vt.

Three Girls at Commune

Three girls play with their long hair outside at the Maple Hill Commune, Plainfield, Vt.

Maple Hill Commune

Members of the Maple Hill Commune pose in the door of their building, Plainfield, Vt. Standing is Max Morfield, seated are (left to right) Virginia Goldner, Rick Levy, and Rhea Wilson.