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Kunin campaigns as Lieutenant Governor, 1980

Lieutenant Governor Madeleine Kunin campaigns alongside Marcel Leahy (wife of Senator Patrick Leahy) and Joan Mondale (wife of presidential candidate Vice President Walter Mondale) in the leadup to the 1980 elections.

Kunin talks to a voter at the State House, 1982

Lieutenant Governor Madeleine Kunin talks to a voter in front of the State House during her campaign for governor in 1982.

Kunin Campaign Button (Governor, 1984)

A campaign button, most likely from Kunin's 1984 campaign for governor, with just her first name, make it clear to voters they would be casting their ballots for a woman to be governor of Vermont. Most of her campaign material pronounced "Kunin!" in…

Garland Campaign Button, 1980

Campaign button for Margaret "Peg" Garland of Shelburne, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Vermont in 1980. Her opponent was incumbent lieutenant governor Madeleine Kunin. The election was the first time two women faced each other for…

Kunin Campaign Button (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Campaign button for Madeleine Kunin from the 1980 election. Interestingly, both women running for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont in 1980 used only their last names on campaign material, as seen here with Kunin.

Governor Kunin sworn in for a second term

Governor Madeleine Kunin is sworn in for a second term on January 9, 1987, by Vermont Chief Justice Frederic W. Allen.

First Kunin Inaugural Gown

Evening gown worn by Governor Madeleine Kunin at her first inaugural ball. Designed by Lucy Strelcyzk of South Burlington with Kunin's input, worn only once more, to meet President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

Second Kunin Inaugural Gown

Evening gown worn by Governor Madeleine Kunin at her second inaugural ball. Designed by Elaine Horseman of Essex Junction with Kunin's input. The fabric in the skirt is a shot silk: woven with a blue/green in one direction and black in the other, so…

Third Kunin Inaugural Gown

Evening gown worn by Governor Madeleine Kunin at her third inaugural ball. Designed by Elaine Horseman of Essex Junction with Kunin's input. This gown shows the slimmer, draped silhouette coming in to style in the late 1980s and early 1980s. The…

Kunin in ceremonial office, 1986

Governor Madeleine Kunin poses for a photograph in the governor's ceremonial office in the Vermont State House. The ceremonial office is distinct from the governor's working office (which is located next door, in the Pavilion Building) and is used…

1984 Gubernatorial Debate

The candidates for governor of Vermont in 1984 at one of their debates. Left to right: John Easton, Jr. (Republican), Richard Gottlieb (Liberty Union), Madeleine Kunin (Democrat), and William Wicker (Libertarian).

Governor Kunin's first press conference

During Governor Madeleine Kunin's first press conference, someone noticed that nearly all of the reporters and camera operators were women, and took this photograph to document the moment. From left are Bob Kinzel (partially hidden from view);…