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Ambassador Madeleine Kunin visits CERN

Madeleine Kunin, in her capacity as Ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, visits the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. Kunin was appointed Ambassador by President Bill Clinton and served from 1996 to 1999.

Second Kunin Inaugural Gown

Evening gown worn by Governor Madeleine Kunin at her second inaugural ball. Designed by Elaine Horseman of Essex Junction with Kunin's input. The fabric in the skirt is a shot silk: woven with a blue/green in one direction and black in the other, so…

Third Kunin Inaugural Gown

Evening gown worn by Governor Madeleine Kunin at her third inaugural ball. Designed by Elaine Horseman of Essex Junction with Kunin's input. This gown shows the slimmer, draped silhouette coming in to style in the late 1980s and early 1980s. The…

Garland Campaign Button, 1980

Campaign button for Margaret "Peg" Garland of Shelburne, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Vermont in 1980. Her opponent was incumbent lieutenant governor Madeleine Kunin. The election was the first time two women faced each other for…

Governor Kunin with 2020 Emerge VT Training Graduates

Governor Kunin poses for a photograph with a graduating class of EmergeVT trainees in the fall of 2019. EmergeVT recruits and trains women to run for office for the Democratic Party. It is a national organization, and Governor Kunin founded the…

Kunin Campaign Button (Governor, 1984)

A campaign button, most likely from Kunin's 1984 campaign for governor, with just her first name, make it clear to voters they would be casting their ballots for a woman to be governor of Vermont. Most of her campaign material pronounced "Kunin!" in…

Kunin Campaign Button (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Campaign button for Madeleine Kunin from the 1980 election. Interestingly, both women running for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont in 1980 used only their last names on campaign material, as seen here with Kunin.

Kunin campaign pamphlet (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Eight-page pamphlet on newsprint promoting Madeleine Kunin's record as lieutenant governor for one term.

Kunin campaign poster (Governor 1982)

A campaign poster for Madeleine Kunin's first (unsuccessful) campaign for governor.

Kunin sticker, Governor, 1982

This small-format bumper sticker was typical of Madeleine Kunin's bumper stickers over the years. The distinctive font, exclamation point, and line under it all were part of her "brand." Kunin lost this race but won two years later against a…

First Kunin Inaugural Gown

Evening gown worn by Governor Madeleine Kunin at her first inaugural ball. Designed by Lucy Strelcyzk of South Burlington with Kunin's input, worn only once more, to meet President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

Kunin takes oath, 1985

Madeleine Kunin takes the oath as Vermont's first female governor from Vermont Chief Justice Frederic W. Allen. Holding the Bibles is Kunin's husband, Arthur Kunin