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Dorman B. E. Kent influenza diary excerpts.

Scans of pages from the 1918 diary kept by Montpelier resident Dorman B. E. Kent. The diary mentions illnesses and deaths from the influenza, a census taken of the sick, relief activities, and social activities. As well, there are also references…

Carrie E. Brooks 1918 influenza diary excerpts.

Excerpts from the diary of Barre resident Carrie E. Brooks (1855-1944), describing deaths, and illnesses, as well as her activities helping the Red Cross. The diary displays five years on one page. The 1918 entries are second from the bottom. Also…

Angelo Dalla Bernardina monument.

Photograph of a monument erected to commemorate Michael Angelo Dalla Bernardina, a stonecutter from Barre, Vermont, who died of influenza on October 7, 1918, age 42. The stone is carved as a portrait of Dalla Bernardina, and is in Hope Cemetery,…

Giuseppe Bielli monument.

Photograph of a monument erected to commemorate Giuseppe (also known as Joseph) Bielli, a stonecutter from Barre, Vermont, who died of influenza on October 13, 1918, age 32. The stone, which is carved as a tree stump, symbolizes life cut short or…

Infirmary in Burlington, Vermont, during the 1918 influenza epidemic.

Infirmary- Influenza Epidemic 1918.jpg
Photograph of an infirmary set up in 1918 at the First Congregational Church in Burlington, Vermont. It shows children, whose parents have been stricken with influenza, being taken care of at the church.

George T. Angell World War I letters, 1918.

Scans and a transcription of 36 letters written by George T. Angell of Hardwick, Vermont, while training for deployment in World War I between September and December of 1918. The letters describe Angell's life at Camp Devens, including the impact of…

"Spanish" influenza : some facts about it and how to prevent its spread.

A broadside announcing that a quarantine would be going into effect in Brandon, Vermont, on October 5, 1918, for nine days. The broadside also includes "Rules to Avoid Respiratory Diseases,' by the Surgeon General of the United States Army, and…

Spanish Influenza in Vermont, 1918-1919.

A research paper on the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 in Vermont, written by Michael Sherman.

"Awful, awful" : The Spanish Influenza in Vermont, 1918-1919.

An article written for the magazine "Historic Roots" about the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 by Michael Sherman. Historic Roots, A Magazine of Vermont History was edited and published by Ann E. Cooper from 1995 to 2000. The magazine was written for…

Influenza cases, 1918-1919, reported by the Vermont State Board of Health.

Two charts showing the reported cases and deaths from the influenza epidemic in 1918 and 1919, created by the Vermont State Board of Health for its 12th Biennial Report in 1919.

Letter about preparing Vermont for the 1918 influenza epidemic.

MSA 492_2_EdwinHarveyPapers_InfluenzaLetter.jpg
A letter written to Judge Erwin M. Harvey, legal advisor to the Washington County Chapter of the American Red Cross, by Marjorie Perry, Vermont State Supervisor for the Red Cross Home Service. In the letter, she writes of how the Red Cross should be…

Montpelier resident and 1918 diarist Dorman B. E Kent.

Photograph of Dorman B. E. Kent, Montpelier, Vermont, resident and diarist, taken in his office at National Life circa 1927. Excerpts from his 1918 diary can be viewed at