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  • Collection: Edmund Royce's Photographs of Vermont

Silo, Mill River Road, St. Albans

Barn with hexagonal silo and hay mound in foreground and clouds in the sky. (Royce Nitrate 3-92a)

Barns, Back Road, East Franklin

Cluster of weathered barn buildings with wire fence in the foreground. (Royce Nitrate 4-100)

Deserted barn, The Gibo, Montgomery

Deserted barn with two bushes in the foreground and a tree covered hillside in the background. (Royce Nitrate V-6)

Odd Roofed and Gabled Barn, Milton

Barn with a uniquely slanted roof and a gable, surrounded by trees. (Royce Safety Y-48)

Door of Old Barn, Buck Hollow Road, Fairfax

The open door of an old barn, with a grindstone inside and a long piece of wood sticking out through the entrance. (Royce Nitrate W-48b)

Large Barn in Buck Hollow, Fairfield Road, Fairfield

Large barn with octagonal silo and an old plow in the lower right corner. (Royce Nitrate W-51)

Cornfield, Belvidere

A cornfield following the harvest, with a few pumpkins scattered about the field. (Royce Nitrate M-63)

Outdoor Vegetable Market, Stowe

Outdoor vegetable market with several pumpkins, squash, and various gourds stacked near a wooden shed, with the back end of a truck to the right and a sign to the left. (Royce Safety Z-93)

Ploughing French Hill, St. Albans

Man with plow attached to a pair of horses works on his field, with more rolling hills and mountains in the distance. (Royce Nitrate 4-87)

Spring Waterfall, Lower Mill River, St. Albans

Barn with silo standing in a field near a river, with a fence running up from the bank and a copse of trees to the right. (Royce Nitrate 4-88)