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  • Collection: Edmund Royce's Photographs of Vermont

Old Morton Mill, French Hill, St. Albans

Two stone walls, the sole remains of an old mill, amidst overgrowth and trees. (Royce Nitrate 4-57)

House on French Hill, St. Albans

House atop French Hill and beneath a large tree. (Royce Nitrate 2-67)

Guay Farm, St. Albans Bay

Distant view of a large farm in St. Albans at the end of a dirt road. (Royce Safety AA-44)

Rainy day from kitchen, St. Albans

View from Edmund Royce's kitchen on a rainy day. (Royce Nitrate 4-71)

French Hill, St. Albans

View of farm from French Hill. (Royce Nitrate 4-97)

North French Hill, St. Albans

View of farm from French Hill, with a large tree in the foreground. (Royce Nitrate U-93b)

Farm from French Hill, St. Albans

Farm to the north of French Hill, and a few more buildings off in the distance. (Royce Nitrate U-94b)

Deserted Farm, French Hill Road, St. Albans

Deserted farm next to a dirt road, with a tree hanging over the road. (Royce Nitrate 4-98)

Turn in road, French Hill, St. Albans

Dirt road turning right into the woods, with a stone house sitting in the field in the distance. (Royce Nitrate 4-93b)

Old Blaisdell House, St. Albans

Front side of a house with a large shrub by the door. (Royce Safety Y-91a)