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  • Collection: William Newton's Hand-Colored Photographs of Vermont

Vermont Roadway near Poultney, VT

A photograph of an automobile parked on the side of the road near Poultney, Vermont. A fence runs along the opposite side of the road.

Green Mountains, Tinmouth, VT

A photograph of the road leading into Tinmouth, Vermont. A cluster of bushes stands in the foreground, while the Green Mountains stand in the distance.

Mad River Valley, VT

A photograph of an automobile parked on the side of the road in Mad River Valley. The Mad River is on the left side of this image.

Lamoille River near Johnson, VT

A photograph of the Lamoille River near Johnson, Vermont. Rocks jut out of the water in the middle of the river.

Something Pond, Derby, VT

A photograph of an unknown pond near the town of Derby, Vermont. A cabin stands in the woods on the opposite bank.

Middlebury River, VT

A photograph of the Middlebury River and a bridge that is crossing it.

Batten Kill River, VT

A photograph of the Battenkill River, with the Green Mountains in the background.

Mettawee River, Vermont

A photograph of a bridge crossing the Mettawee River.

Swift River Vermont (Will Newton - foreground)

A photograph of the Swift River. William Newton is standing in the foreground, looking out over the rapids.

Along Lake Bomoseen Vermont (Will Newton in his car)

A photograph of William Newton sitting in his car on the road near Lake Bomoseen.