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  • Collection: Calvin Coolidge Presidential Photographs

President Coolidge, Mrs. Coolidge, John Coolidge and Two Dogs

Three images of President Calvin Coolidge, Mrs. Coolidge, and son John on steps at the White House with two white dogs, Prudence Prim and Rob Roy, December 30, 1925.

President Coolidge and William M. Butler

President Calvin Coolidge and chairman of the Republican National Committee William M. Butler, November 6, 1924. Butler was appointed to the United States Senate on November 13, 1924 to replace Henry Cabot Lodge, who died November 9, 1925.

President Coolidge, Mrs. Coolidge, and Dog

Six images of President Calvin Coolidge and Mrs. Coolidge and their dog Prudence Prim on the White House portico, November 5, 1924, and one image without the dog. Mrs. Coolidge is dressed in a long white dress with white coat

President Coolidge Receiving Election Congratulations

Two images of President Calvin Coolidge receiving election results on November 25, 1924, the day after he won re-election. In one image Coolidge is standing holding a newspaper with two men looking on. In the other image Coolidge is sitting with a…

President and Mrs. Coolidge Vote by Mail

Nine images of President Calvin Coolidge and Mrs. Coolidge preparing to vote by mail on the White House lawn. District of Columbia Circuit Judge Josiah A. Van Orsdel is in five of the images, giving an oath to the President and Grace Coolidge,…

Mrs. Coolidge Presented with Forget-Me-Not

First Lady Grace Coolidge receives a forget-me-not from Leo B. Clark, a disabled veteran of World War I, at the White House, October 23, 1924. (Two images)

President Coolidge with Hat

Two images of President Calvin Coolidge. In one image he is wearing his hat and in the other he is tipping his hat, October 22, 1924.

Mrs. Coolidge at the Lincoln Memorial

Mrs. George G. Seibold, president of the District of Columbia chapter of the National American War Mothers with Grace Coolidge, her pet airedale Laddie Buck, and an unidentified man on the path leading to the Lincoln Memorial. They are on their way…

President and Mrs. Coolidge with Mother Jones and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

President Calvin Coolidge and Grace Coolidge with Mother Jones and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., November 26, 1924.

President Coolidge with Stanley Harris and Walter Johnson

President Calvin Coolidge shakes hands with Stanley ?Bucky? Harris, player/manager of the Washington Senators baseball team, while Walter Johnson, pitcher, looks on, September 6, 1924. President Coolidge wears a black armband in mourning for his son.

President and Mrs. Coolidge

President Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge exiting the White House, followed by four men, September 1, 1924.

President Coolidge with Radio Equipment Car

President Calvin Coolidge stands next to an automobile with radio equipment on its running board to be used during his campaign, August 14, 1924.