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Robert Theodore Stafford, Vermont Governor 1959-1961

As governor, Stafford focused on stabilizing state government operations and making capital investments in projects designed to improve Vermont's economy. During his administration, legislation was passed establishing the Department of Administration…

Joseph Blaine Johnson, Vermont Governor 1955-1959

As governor, Johnson sponsored legislation supporting increased financial support for the University of Vermont. He also facilitated Vermont's inclusion in the federal interstate highway system.

Lee Earl Emerson, Vermont Governor 1951-1955

Elected governor in 1950, Emerson recommended that Vermont citizens serving in the Korean conflict be paid a bonus. He supported studies of the feasibility of building a natural gas pipeline for Vermont and of possible racial discrimination in the…

Harold John Arthur, Vermont Governor 1950-1951

In 1948 Arthur was elected Lieutenant Governor, and in that capacity completed the term of office of Governor Ernest Gibson, who had accepted an appointment as a U.S. District Court Judge.

Ernest William Gibson, Vermont Governor 1947-1950

In 1946, Gibson defeated incumbent Mortimer R. Proctor for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Going on to win the general election and reelection two years later, Gibson proposed numerous social and economic reforms in the areas of health,…

Mortimer Robinson Proctor, Vermont Governor 1945-1947

Proctor's efforts as governor to reorganize state government led to the creation of a Commission of State Government and Finance. Also during his administration, a State Veterans' Board was established, state aid to education and minimum teachers'…

William Henry Wills, Vermont Governor 1941-1945

After being elected governor in 1940, Wills was successful in securing minimum wage legislation for teachers. Also during his administration, legislation was enacted establishing a merit system for state employees and granting emergency wartime…

George David Aiken, Vermont Governor 1937-1941

As governor, Aiken succeeded in preserving states' rights when the federal government attempted to take land by condemnation for flood control. He also fought against special interest groups and sought to make the Republican Party the party of the…

Charles Manley Smith, Vermont Governor 1935-1937

During Smith's gubernatorial administration, old-age pension and unemployment laws were enacted by the state legislature.

Stanley Calef Wilson, Vermont Governor 1931-1935

As governor, Wilson favored better working conditions for farmers and better prices for farm products. During his gubernatorial administration, a state income tax became law, and highways were placed under state control. Wilson was also successful in…