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WATT Rolls to Vermont

An article in Edison Life, distributed by Edison Electric Illuminating Company, describing the company's response to the 1927 flooding in Vermont. WATT was the name of the company's transmitter.

Typewritten account of the 1927 flood in Montpelier, Vermont by Beatrice Haskins

A typewritten account of the 1927 flood in Montpelier, Vermont written by Beatrice Haskins.

Letter from Sarsfield E. McNulty to Zeke Dowers about the 1927 flood in Barre, August 21, 1967

A letter sent by Sarsfield E. McNulty on August 21, 1967 to Zeke Dowers about his experience in the 1927 flood in Barre, Vermont.

Flood Damage to Vermont Libraries

An article in a bulletin of the Free Public Library Department of the State Board of Education and of the State Library titled "Flood Damage to Vermont Libraries." This article was published in Volume 23 of the bulletin, which covered December…

The Central Vermont and the Flood of 1927

Uncat-Pam-Flood-1927_Central Vermont_Page_1.jpg
A pamphlet issued by the Central Vermont Railway Press Department on September 20, 1928, with information about the effects of the 1927 flood in Vermont on the Central Vermont Railway.

Known Dead

A broadside dated November 6, 1927 with the names of people known to be dead or missing in the aftermath of the 1927 flood in Vermont.

Notice to All Citizens

A notice to the citizens of Waterbury, Vermont from the village president and the U.S. Army with information on how to start clean up and disaster relief in the aftermath of the 1927 flood. The broadside is dated November 7, 1927.

Poems on the Vermont Flood

A booklet of poetry by Margaret Masters about the 1927 Flood in Vermont, published in Woodstock, Vermont in January 1928.

Flooding and destroyed houses in Bethel, Vermont

A photo showing flooding and houses that have been destroyed in Bethel, Vermont.

Flood damage by a building and road in Burlington, Vermont

Shows debris by a building and road in Burlington, Vermont caused by flooding. There are several vehicles and people standing by the washed-out road.

Governor S. Hollister Jackson's car in flood water in Barre, Vermont

A picture of Governor S. Hollister Jackson's car in the flood water in Barre, Vermont. There are people standing around the car and a house in the background.

Bridge over Missisquoi River destroyed by flood in Enosburg, Vermont

A picture of the bridge destroyed by the flooding of the Missisquoi River in Enosburg, Vermont. The flooding also destroyed two power plants. People are pictured walking on and by the bridge.