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  • Collection: Historic Photos from Vermont Towns

Montpelier Along Winooski

A photograph of the town of Montpelier, Vermont, from across the Winooski River.

Calder & Richardson Signage on Side of Offices at Depot Square

Side view of the Calder & Richardson Store with the company lettering on the building, advertising "coke," "wood," and "coal."

Fig. 4. Lane Shop employees, c. 1890

Lane Shop employees, c. 1890.

Model Report Card for Mary Clark

While attending the Village Schoolhouse, Mary Clark received this report card in the winter term of 1896. Her teacher, E. H. O'Brien gave her high marks in all subjects, with a 3-month deportment score of 96%.

Train Crossing River

A train is crossing a river on a bridge, probably near Montpelier, Vermont.

Calder & Richardson Firewood Sheds at Burnham

Calder & Richardson firewood sheds viewed from an elevated perspective at Burnham's Meadows.

Fig. 5. Berlin mills, c. 1871

Berlin mills, as seen from the Washington Courthouse tower, c. 1871. The buildings on the far side of the Winooski River were in Berlin when this photograph was taken. The steeple of Christ Church is seen in the foreground. A railroad bed and bridge…

Marshfield Depot

The Montpelier and Wells River Railroad operated from 1873 until 1956, stopping at the depot one mile from the village. Passengers are boarding the train for Engine #5 to head toward Montpelier. Horse-drawn carriages with drivers wait by the depot.

Lamoille River Valley, Cambridge

This picture was taken from a hill above Route 15 and the Lamoille River just east of the Pumpkin Harbor Rd. intersection in Cambridge, Vermont. The lower left road is now Route 15. The mountain on the left is Mt Mansfield. Upper Pleasant Valley Road…

Calder & Richardson Workers at the Firewood Sheds at Burnham's Meadows, in Barre, Vermont.

Calder & Richardson workers handling firewood at the company sheds on Burnham