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...Tribute to Mrs. Martha Morey, on her centennial birthday, Easter Sunday, April 16th, 1876

First line : The love of life and happiness our theme. Decorative gilt border.

"Remember to Vote" Postcard, 1988

Postcard dated November 8, 1988 reminding Vermonters to vote, as well as providing contact information for the Secretary of State's Office and polling place hours.

[Ball ticket]. Independence. : The company of M[iss Caira Robbins] is ... solicited to attend a ball at the academy

Decorative border w/printer's flowers. Printed on verso of queen of hearts playing card.

[Ball ticket]. New Year's ball. ... Thompson's Assembly room ... Poultney, Dec. 25, 1810

Printed on 10 of diamonds playing card w/decorative border. Managers listed.