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Fresh air : "Grapho" / Rev. F.A. Adams

Translated into Esperanto for the benefit of those interested in that beautiful and most useful International Language. Signed: "Compliments of S.H. Sparhawk, M.D., Member N.E. Esperanto Association, St. Johnsbury, VT." Text continues on verso, with…

Agan Club of Ludlow Materials, 1920

Materials from the Agan Club of Ludlow promoting Frank W. Agan's candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont in 1920. Included here are two leaflets and an envelope. The envelope [9 x 16.5 cm] is addressed to Harold Goddard Rugg,…

Albany Register, extra : Tuesday evening, Sept 13

Contents include: "Extract of ... letter ... Burlington--dated ... Aug. 11, 1814"

A Family Recreation: Paradise Skating Rink, Montpelier-Barre Road

Poster for the Paradise Skating Rink located at 375 River Street, Montpelier. Poster shows a Caucasian family of three holding hands and smiling while roller skating. The mother and daughter match with blonde bobs, white sweaters and roller skates,…

The Earl of Don Donald / by A. G. Allen

Within border of type ornaments. First line: When James the base tyrant.

Circular letter. 1817 December 17, Washington [to] John Kellogg, Benson, Vermont

Circular from Vermont Congressional delegation of 1817 explaining purchase of bounty lands to ex-soldiers.

This certifies that Miss Adaline A. Prentiss is owner of ... shares in the ... Morning Star

At head of title: "One dime annually ... will pay the running expenses of the vessel."

This certifies that C. B. Aiken has contributed 5 dimes for the new missionary packet, Morning Star / Langdon S. Ward

Engraving of packet ship w/caption "Surely the isles shall wait for me. Is. 60. 9."

The right of manufacturing Cooper's patent rotative fire engines, force-pumps, etc. ... recently ... purchased from Messrs. Cooper, Phelps & Campbell ... / Luther Foote, Secretary

Text printed across page at top and bottom separated by two columns of print. Full description and prices of engines. Rotative piston patent to John M. Cooper, Guildhall, July 16, 1827.

Argus and Patriot Extra, 1876

Newspaper extra from November 11, 1876 reporting on the ballot counting process for the 1876 presidential election between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden. This election was too close to call in several states after the…