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Republican Ticket, 1868

Republican ticket for the 1868 state and county elections for Franklin County, Vermont. At the top of the ticket are portraits of that year's Republican nominees for president and vice president, Ulysses S. Grant and Schuler Colfax. Above them is the…

They Were Promoted, 1910

Flyer issued by The John A. Mead Club of Rutland promoting Mead's candidacy for Governor. Mead was the sitting Lieutenant Governor and the club lists eight other men who were previously "promoted by the People after apprenticeship in the Lieutenant…

Letter from the John A. Mead Club of Rutland, June 7, 1910

Typewritten letter from The John A. Mead Club of Rutland, dated June 7, 1910, addressed to Mr. E.M. Goddard of Montpelier, and signed by the club's president, Mayor H.O. Carpenter. The letter is typed in blue ink on club letterhead, which lists the…

Fusion Rally at Norwich, 1906

Poster advertising Fusion rally at Norwich's Union Hall, to be held September 3, 1906. Scheduled speakers were Hon. G. Herbert Pape, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Dr. R.J. Goss of Norwich, and Howard L. Hindley, Esq. of Ludlow.

Corrupt Politics, 1906

Campaign poster in the form of a sworn affidavit by New Hampshire resident H.A. Clark.

Double Dealing on Double Taxation, 1906

Broadside issued by the Fusion State Committee calling into question Republican gubernatorial candidate Fletcher D. Proctor's criticism of his opponent, Percival W. Clement's tax policy proposal.

Campaign Song, 1904

Lyrics to a song promoting the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles J. Bell. Bell won this election and served one term as Vermont's governor.

Altimont Cornet Band Minstrels

Another example of a minstrel show being performed in a Vermont town. This one is for a group called the Altimont Cornet Band Minstrels performing at Hammond Hall in Ludlow in 1889

Apollo Club Minstrels, 1886

Another example of the prevalence of minstrel shows in Vermont, this is a flyer for a minstrel show put on by the Apollo Club, a local social club, at the Blanchard Opera House in Montpelier in 1886.

National Prohibition Ticket, 1884

Included on the National Prohibition Party ticket for 1884 was John P. St. John (President) and William Daniel (Vice President), as well as four electors from Vermont: Charles Woodhouse of Rutland, Cyrus W. Wyman of Brattleboro, Charles S. Parker of…

Hancock and English Clubs of Montpelier, 1880

Invitation to a special meeting of the Hancock and English Clubs of Montpelier, Monday, August 30, 1880. Winfield Scott Hancock and William H. English ran for President and Vice President on the Democratic ticket in the 1880 election. The invitation…