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For Governor: John W. Gordon, Barre, Vermont, 1930

Pamphlet published by John W. Gordon's campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont. On the cover is a halftone portrait of the candidate. The text is divided into eleven sections, the first eight of which focus on Gordon's tax…

Powell and Good Roads, Powell and Progress, For Governor Max Powell of Burlington, 1926

Leaflet advertising the gubernatorial candidacy of Max L. Powell of Burlington. The item features a halftone portrait of Powell and an indentation indicates the past presence of a campaign button, which is held in the VHS museum collection. Powell…

To the Voters of Washington County, 1924

Statement by members of the Fred J. Davis Senatorial Club explaining their endorsement of Davis for the office of State Senator from Washington County. The members point to the underrepresentation of Davis's hometown of Northfield in Washington…

Washington County Rally, Porter Dale for Senate, 1923

Dale Rally.jpg
Poster advertising a rally at the Barre City Opera House in support of the senatorial campaign by Porter H. Dale, October 6, 1923. Dale was scheduled to speak at the event, addressing issues central to the campaign, including "BOLSHEVISM, THE SOLDIER…

Porter Dale Primary Petition Mailing, 1923

Included here are materials sent by Porter H. Dale to Ozi S. Law of Wallingford, Vermont, requesting his signature on an enclosed primary petition. Dale was seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Senator. The envelope, postmarked…

What Does It Mean? An Address by Porter H. Dale on the Issues of this Campaign Including Bolshevism, The Soldier Bloc, The Farmer Bloc, The Mother Bloc, The Volstead Act. At Middlebury, Rutland and Brattleboro, 1923

Booklet containing the text of an address given by Porter H. Dale during the 1923 special Republican senatorial primary to fill a seat vacated following the death of William P. Dillingham. Dale opens by situating the audience in the current political…

Portrait of Abram W. Foote, 1922

Halftone portrait of Abram W. Foote, candidate for Governor in 1922. Foote served as the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont from 1921-1923 and lost the 1922 Republican gubernatorial primary to Redfield Proctor, Jr.

Vermont Republican Party Pamphlet, 1922

Pamphlet issued by the Republican State Committee leading up to the statewide election of November 7, 1922. The cover of the tri-fold pamphlet includes halftone portraits, surrounded by flags and an eagle, of the party's candidates for Governor and…

Perry H. Merrill for Lieutenant Governor Flyer, 1966

Flyer for Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Perry H. Merrill. An example of campaign literature that both serves to educate constituents on the candidate, and to provide instructions on voting methods, the top of the page includes a diagram…

Sample Ballot for Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States, 1936

Sample ballot for electors of the President and Vice-President of the United States. Printed on pink paper, this sample ballot includes the candidates for Vermont electors for the Republican, Democratic, and Communist tickets. Voters are instructed…

Letter to Voters from Redfield Proctor Jr., 1922

Letter from Vermont gubernatorial candidate Redfield Proctor Jr. to voters, dated Proctor, VT, September 4, 1922, one week before the primary election reminding them that "every citizen, man and woman, having the right to vote, has with that right…

Sample Ballot of the Nominees of the Republican Party, Randolph, Vermont, 1894

Republican party literature in the form of a sample ballot from Randolph, Vermont for the state and county election held on Tuesday, September 4, 1894. At the top of the sample ballot, voters are urged to vote the straight Republican ticket. On the…