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150th Anniversary Celebration of Marshfield

Residents celebrate the 150th anniversary of the settlement of Marshfield. They are in the hall of the Knights of Pythias, 1942. Standing in front of the stage and a choir are Alvi T. Davis, Lillian Davis, Ella Lilley, Lou Carpenter and Maude Davis.…

Adams Store, 1905

The Adams Store pictured is smaller than the original building which was destroyed by fire. The third floor was a large function hall while the Adams live on the second floor. Note the Fairbanks Scale sign at the front corner of the store. A woman…

Beaver Day in March, 1951

Ralph Evans (at far right) looks on as Anthony Pratico, a fur trader from Rutland, inspects Evans' beaver pelts. Talking with Mr. Evans is old-time fur trader Charlie Silver of Montpelier. The photo was part of an article about the beaver pelt trade…

Butterbox Shop

At the corner of School Street (Depot Road) and Gilman Road was the Butterbox Shop, where cooper Eli Edson made butterboxes and other items. In 1895 he sold the shop to Eldred Pitkin and Mark Mears. Mears eventually sold his share to James Bouldry…

Dwinell School Class Picture

The Dwinell (Bond) School was established in District 2 in 1870. This class photo was taken around 1901. Back row: Earl Dwinell, Hubert Croteau, Fred Page, Teacher, Viola (Buxton) Martin, Clyde Mears, Herman Pike, James Dwinell, Clarence Pike. Middle…

Edith Pulling George in a Wagon

Edith Gillette pulls a wagon with George McCrillis sitting in it. George wears a wide brimmed hat and is holding a white and gray cat. Edith wears a high-collared, long-sleeved dress with a sash around her waist. They are in front of his father's…

Good Templars, circa 1907

A group of men and women belonging to the lodge of Good Templars stand for their portrait on the steps of the Knights of Pylthias building. The Independent Order of Good Templars (IOGT) was a temperance society established in Marshfield in 1866. The…

Goslant Sawmill

Goslant Sawmill in Lanesboro is on the right in the foreground. The train tracks of the Montpelier and Wells River Railroad run towards the east and Lansboro Station is in the distance. At the horizon see Owl's Head on left and Spice Mt. on right.

Ira Ormsbee at Dwinell Cemetery

Mr. Ira Ormsbee sports a jaunty cap, colorful tie and suspenders while standing with a reel mower. His dog lies beside him in front of a large graveyard monument.

Knights of Pythias Hall

This three story structure housed the meeting room for the Knights of Pythias. The top floor was used for dances, band practice and other town functions. Look closely and you can see signage at the main door for the post office entrance. An office…

Laying Track to Burnham Hill

A steam engine pulls a flat car during construction of the Hardwick & Woodbury Railroad. The flat car carries the crew and a track-laying crane called a rail header. Also on board are standard guage rails and kegs of railroad spikes.

Looking up Main Street

Main street, Marshfield, looking east. McCrillis store is visible at left and beyond the store are the barn and house of Homer Carpenter. The unpaved street is lined with electric poles.