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Kunin photographic portrait, 1985?

This undated photograph, probably obtained from the governor’s office by the Vermont Historical Society, shows Governor Kunin as she appeared during her tenure as governor.

Kunin signs Women’s History Month proclamation, 1988

Madeleine Kunin signed many proclamations in the governor’s ceremonial office in the State House during her six years in office. Here she is shown signing the proclamation to create Women’s History Month, March 1988. Also in the photograph are, left…

Kunin appoints Denise Johnson to Vermont Supreme Court, 1990

Madeleine Kunin appointed Denise Johnson, the first woman to sit on the Vermont Supreme Court, in 1990. With Kunin and Johnson is outgoing justice Louis Peck, whose seat Johnson took.

Kunin appoints Gretchen Morse to Human Services, 1985

Madeleine Kunin appointed a significant number of women to powerful governmental positions during her three terms as governor. On January 3, 1985, the governor-elect announced her appointment of Gretchen Morse as secretary of the Agency of Human…

Kunin announcement (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Photograph of Madeleine Kunin during a press conference announcing her candidacy for a second term as Lieutenant Governor

Kunin and Snelling Faceoff, 1982

Madeleine Kunin and Richard Snelling chat prior to their first head to head debate in their race for the governor. Snelling won the race with 55% of the vote.

Kunin takes oath, 1985

Madeleine Kunin takes the oath as Vermont's first female governor from Vermont Chief Justice Frederic W. Allen. Holding the Bibles is Kunin's husband, Arthur Kunin

Kunin for Lieutenant Governor, 1978

Pamphlet for Madeleine Kunin's first run for lieutenant governor in 1978. In this campaign she introduced her distinctive type face and exclamation point.

Kunin sticker, Governor, 1982

This small-format bumper sticker was typical of Madeleine Kunin's bumper stickers over the years. The distinctive font, exclamation point, and line under it all were part of her "brand." Kunin lost this race but won two years later against a…

"Send Madeleine a paddlin' in '88" sticker

By the time that Madeleine Kunin ran for her third term as governor, opposition to her progressive policies were growing. This bumper sticker reflected the dissatisfaction of some voters, although she won handily with 55% of the vote, the largest…

"Kunin for VT '84" sticker

Bumper sticker created by a private enterprise for Madeleine Kunin's 1984 gubernatorial campaign. Although the sticker uses her trademark exclamation point, the "for VT" message and two lines were non-standard.

Kunin campaign poster (Governor 1982)

A campaign poster for Madeleine Kunin's first (unsuccessful) campaign for governor.