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Phil Scott, Vermont Governor 2017-

Phil Scott was sworn in as the governor of Vermont on January 5, 2017.

Peter Elliott Shumlin, Vermont Governor 2011-2017

Peter Shumlin was sworn in as governor of Vermont on January 6, 2011, and was sworn in for his second term on January 10, 2013. He was sworn in for his third consecutive term on January 8, 2015.

James Holley Douglas, Vermont Governor 2003-2011

Elected Governor in 2002 and reelected in 2004, 2006, and 2008, Douglas focused on strengthening the state’s economy, making Vermont more affordable, and protecting the state’s natural environment. He was chair of the National Governors Association…

Howard Dean, Vermont Governor 1991-2003

Dean became governor upon the death of Governor Richard A. Snelling on August 14, 1991. Elected to a full term in November 1992, he was reelected in November 1994, November 1996, November 1998, and November 2000. He was chairman of the National…

Madeleine May Kunin, Vermont Governor 1985-1991

Kunin was elected the first woman governor of Vermont in 1984. She served 3 consecutive terms as governor. During her tenure, she focused on education and the environment and chaired the New England Governors' Association.

Richard Arkwright Snelling, Vermont Governor 1977-1985, 1991

Snelling was first elected as Governor of Vermont in 1976 and served four consecutive terms. He was appointed to the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations by President Jimmy Carter and was reappointed by President Ronald Reagan. He…

Thomas Paul Salmon, Vermont Governor 1973-1977

As governor, Salmon chaired the New England Governors' Conference for two years and was a member of the National Governors Association's Executive Committee.

Deane Chandler Davis, Vermont Governor 1969-1973

Davis faced controversy minutes after taking the oath of office in 1969 by proposing creation of a state sales tax to help pay for the explosion in state programs enacted during the 1960s. The sales tax passed. He was reelected for a second term and…

Philip Henderson Hoff, Vermont Governor 1963-1969

In 1962, Hoff was elected Governor of Vermont—the first Democrat elected to the post since 1853. He was reelected two times. During his six-year tenure, Governor Hoff expanded many state programs and in 1964 he created the Governor's Commission on…

Frank Ray Keyser Jr., Vermont Governor 1961-1963

As governor, Keyser initiated a statewide planning program and established the Vermont Industrial Building Authority. Also during his administration, extensive investment was made in the state park system and the state budget was balanced without the…

Robert Theodore Stafford, Vermont Governor 1959-1961

As governor, Stafford focused on stabilizing state government operations and making capital investments in projects designed to improve Vermont's economy. During his administration, legislation was passed establishing the Department of Administration…

Joseph Blaine Johnson, Vermont Governor 1955-1959

As governor, Johnson sponsored legislation supporting increased financial support for the University of Vermont. He also facilitated Vermont's inclusion in the federal interstate highway system.