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Stanley C. Wilson Campaign Card, 1930

Silver gelatin portrait of 1930 gubernatorial candidate Stanley C. Wilson with biographical and platform information on verso. Wilson went on to win this election, serving as Governor from 1931-1935.

For Governor: John W. Gordon, Barre, Vermont, 1930

Pamphlet published by John W. Gordon's campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont. On the cover is a halftone portrait of the candidate. The text is divided into eleven sections, the first eight of which focus on Gordon's tax…

Powell and Good Roads, Powell and Progress, For Governor Max Powell of Burlington, 1926

Leaflet advertising the gubernatorial candidacy of Max L. Powell of Burlington. The item features a halftone portrait of Powell and an indentation indicates the past presence of a campaign button, which is held in the VHS museum collection. Powell…

Portrait of Abram W. Foote, 1922

Halftone portrait of Abram W. Foote, candidate for Governor in 1922. Foote served as the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont from 1921-1923 and lost the 1922 Republican gubernatorial primary to Redfield Proctor, Jr.

Vermont Republican Party Pamphlet, 1922

Pamphlet issued by the Republican State Committee leading up to the statewide election of November 7, 1922. The cover of the tri-fold pamphlet includes halftone portraits, surrounded by flags and an eagle, of the party's candidates for Governor and…

Frederick H. Babbitt Campaign Literature, 1920

Included here are two pieces of campaign literature and a letter from Frederick H. Babbitt to Harold Goddard Rugg. Babbitt was a candidate for the 1920 Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont. In his May 25, 1920 letter, he responds to a…

Questionnaire for Republican Gubernatorial Candidates, May 22, 1920

Questionnaire addressed to the candidates for the 1920 Republican nomination for Governor: James Hartness, Frederick H. Babbitt, Curtis S. Emery, and Frank W. Agan. The questionnaire was circulated by H.S. Wardner, a resident of Windsor, VT, seeking…

Agan Club of Ludlow Materials, 1920

Materials from the Agan Club of Ludlow promoting Frank W. Agan's candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont in 1920. Included here are two leaflets and an envelope. The envelope [9 x 16.5 cm] is addressed to Harold Goddard Rugg,…

They Were Promoted, 1910

Flyer issued by The John A. Mead Club of Rutland promoting Mead's candidacy for Governor. Mead was the sitting Lieutenant Governor and the club lists eight other men who were previously "promoted by the People after apprenticeship in the Lieutenant…

Letter from the John A. Mead Club of Rutland, June 7, 1910

Typewritten letter from The John A. Mead Club of Rutland, dated June 7, 1910, addressed to Mr. E.M. Goddard of Montpelier, and signed by the club's president, Mayor H.O. Carpenter. The letter is typed in blue ink on club letterhead, which lists the…

Corrupt Politics, 1906

Campaign poster in the form of a sworn affidavit by New Hampshire resident H.A. Clark.