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Kunin announcement (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Photograph of Madeleine Kunin during a press conference announcing her candidacy for a second term as Lieutenant Governor

Kunin campaign pamphlet (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Eight-page pamphlet on newsprint promoting Madeleine Kunin's record as lieutenant governor for one term.

Kunin Campaign Button (Lieutenant Governor, 1980)

Campaign button for Madeleine Kunin from the 1980 election. Interestingly, both women running for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont in 1980 used only their last names on campaign material, as seen here with Kunin.

Garland Campaign Button, 1980

Campaign button for Margaret "Peg" Garland of Shelburne, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Vermont in 1980. Her opponent was incumbent lieutenant governor Madeleine Kunin. The election was the first time two women faced each other for…