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Campaign Poster for M.J. Hapgood, 1923

Campaign poster for United States Senate candidate M.J. (Marshall J.) Hapgood of Peru, Vermont. Hapgood was a longtime member of the state legislature. Hapgood was especially known in the legislature for having crafted an act that would require new…

Commercial Travelers for Coolidge and Dawes, 1924

Pamphlet published by Commercial Travelers, an insurance company, endorsing Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes for President and Vice President in the 1924 election. The text describes Coolidge as maintaining "honesty, loyalty, and practical…

Speech of Ex-Governor William W. Stickney of Vermont Seconding Nomination of Coolidge, Cleveland, June 12, 1924

Text of a speech given by former Vermont governor William W. Stickney at the 1924 Republican national convention (Cleveland, June 12, 1924), seconding the nomination of Calvin Coolidge for president. Stickney speaks to Coolidge's identity as a native…

President and Mrs. Coolidge with large group

President Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge are photographed with a large group of people next to an unidentified building.

President Coolidge and group of Massachusetts men

President Calvin Coolidge is photographed with a group of Massachusetts men, including Frank W. Stearns, Massachusetts Senator John W. Weeks, Senate Majority Leader Henry C. Lodge of Massachusetts, Murray Crane, George Bacon, Massachusetts Lt.…

President Coolidge invited to the "Grand Roads Convention"

President Calvin Coolidge receives an invitation to the "Grand Roads Convention."

President Coolidge and William Pat Boland and trophy

President Calvin Coolidge stands next to William Pat Boland, 17, of Newberry County, South Carolina, who placed first in a corn growing contest for boys in eight southern states, May 13, 1926. A large trophy is present.

President Coolidge meets with Dartmouth singers.

Professor Leonard B. McWhood of Dartmouth College, Rick M. Clendenin, and other singers meet with President Calvin Coolidge at the White House.

President Coolidge and "Rome Legionaires"

A group of "Rome Legionaires" present President Calvin Coolidge with a framed certificate.

President Coolidge and Brith Abraham officers

President Calvin Coolidge stands in the White House garden with four men, officers of Brith Abraham, a Jewish fraternal order.

President and Mrs. Coolidge and group on train

President Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge leave Washington, D.C. for their summer home on Osgood Pond in the Adirondacks accompanied by five men.

President and Mrs. Coolidge on train

President Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge leave on a train for Trenton, N.J., with Secretary Sanders.