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Oral history interview with John Douglas

John Douglas discusses his privileged background, buying a farm in Putney, Vermont, meeting Robert Kramer, and becoming involved in the filming of "People's War" in Vietnam. He talks of the Newsreel Collective in Putney (later called Red Clover) and…

Oral history interview with Bridget Downey-Meyer

DowneyMeyersBridge-Food Shelf.jpg
Bridget Downey-Meyer speaks of dropping out of the University of Vermont in 1966, becoming a single mother, joining Libby Albright in working with draft resisters at the Mount Philo Inn in Charlotte, Vermont in 1969, and of Stewart and Susan Meacham.…

Oral history interview with Polly Darnell

Polly Darnell describes growing up in Connecticut, hearing of a commune in Putney, Vermont, coming to Vermont to attend Windham College, and becoming involved with the Red Clover Collective in Putney. She speaks of the Free Vermont movement and…

Oral history interview with Stuart Copans

Stuart Copans speaks his visits as a teenager to the nearby Bruderhof Community of Brothers in New Paltz, New York. He discusses graduating from the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1969, visiting communes in the Bay area as part of a free…

Oral history interview with Loraine Janowski

Loraine Janowski speaks of growing up in Rutland, Vermont, her move to Cambridge, Massachusetts, participating in anti-war protests, and then returning to Vermont to live at the Maple Hill Commune in Plainfield. She describes founding Mullein Hill…