Montpelier - Pavilion Hotel/Building


A selection of photographs and printed ephemera that document the history of the Pavilion Hotel and reconstructed Pavilion Office Building at 109 State Street in Montpelier, Vermont.

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View of the Village of Montpelier from Mill Point in Berlin
Engraving of Montpelier, Vermont, by Sarah Isham Watrous, 1821. The first State House is left of center and the Davis Tavern, later renamed Pavilion House, is the brick building to the right of center.

Pavilion House, Montpelier, Vt., M. Cottrill, Proprietor
Advertising card with an engraving of the Pavilion House, dating between 1846 and 1856

Pavilion Hotel, between 1865 and 1870
Photograph of the Pavilion Hotel under the management of Levi Boutwell. A stagecoach waits in front of the hotel. Men stand in front under the porch, while women stand on the second floor porch.