Edmund Royce's Photographs of Vermont


Portrait of Edmund H. RoyceEdmund H. "Bug" Royce (1883-1967) was a well-known St. Albans photographer during the 1930s-50s. He descended from a long line of Vermonters; his love of the history of Vermont is reflected in his photography. He collaborated with Herbert Wheaton Congdon on the book The Covered Bridge. A highlight of his career was a July 1951 one-man show in Grand Central Station sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company and entitled "The Vermont Scene." In 1962 Mr. Royce gave a large portion of his collection to the Vermont Historical Society. Some of those photographs are presented here.

This collection was scanned and described in 2019-2020 through the generousity of Don and Pat Whelpley of Naperville, Ilinois.


  • Leahy Libary, Vermont Historical Society

Collection Tree

Thatcher Brook, Waterbury
Covered bridge going over a brook, with houses lining the road and across the field. Mountains stand in the distance. (Royce Nitrate Y-18b)

Four Corners Crossroad, Swanton
Four Corners Crossroad above Greens Corners. Some people are driving a wagon up the road. (Royce Nitrate W-43b)

Old blacksmith shop, Swanton
Old blacksmith shop in an overgrown field near some trees. (Royce Nitrate X-62)