Montpelier - Industrial Montpelier


This collection was assembled to accompany "The Other Montpelier: Historical Glimpses and Memories of the City’s Development along the River Valleys" by Manuel Garcia, Vermont History, 88, 1 (Winter/Spring 2020): 57-79.

Portrait of Manuel Garcia

Garcia wrote, "While many of the industries along [Monteplier's] river valleys and the buildings they occupied are no longer there, images remain in photo archives and the memories of some of the city’s older residents. As a Montpelier native who has spent many years researching its history, I offer here some historical glimpses and my own memories of the city’s industrial past."


  • Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society, and other contributors.

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Fig. 1. View of Montpelier, 1821
Woodcut based on the Sarah I. Watrous view of Montpelier, 1821. The Winooski River, with its bridge and dam, are in the foreground.

Fig. 2. Red Arch Bridge, c. 1899
Red Arch Bridge from Berlin side of the Winooski River, c. 1899. Built in 1825, torn down in 1899. Montpelier Manufacturing Building is on the left

Fig. 3. Wainwright foundry, c. 1868
Alfred Wainwright's foundry on the North Branch as seen from Elm Street looking northeast, c. 1868. The buildings erected by Wainwright in 1832 were purchased in 1863 by Dennis Lane who, in partnership with P. P. Pitkin and James W. Brock,…