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Flood of 1942 on Main Street

Postcard shows flood damage on Main Street in Barre, Vermont. Three parked cars are surrounded by water and a fourth one travels down the street near "Barre's Family Theatre."

Flood of 1911 (?) on South Main Street

Postcard shows flood damage in Barre, Vermont. Water flows down the Stevens Branch of the Winooski river, pushing several ice floes over a dam and downstream. An industrial building, perhaps Trow and Holden, is on the left bank of the river. Three…

Pedestrians Along the Flood Damaged Railroad Line

Postcard shows individuals walking along the flood damaged railway line in Barre, Vermont.

Flood Damaged Railroad Line and Freight Car

The postcard shows how the railway line in Barre, Vermont, has been pushed to one side by flooding waters. A railroad car with a load of granite tips to the left. Several figures and outbuildings are visible in the distance.

Flood Damaged Railroad Line

Postcard shows damage of a flood to the Barre, Vermont, railway line. Piles of granite can be seen in the background, along with a train and detached car.

Flood Damaged Boston and Maine Railroad Car

The postcard shows a Boston and Maine Railroad cars with a load of granite falling off of flood-damaged railroad tracks in Barre, Vermont.

Flooded Section of the Stevens Branch

Postcard shows collapsed banks along the residential side of the Stevens Branch of the Winooski River. Residential buildings are visible along the bank, probably near North Main Street, in Barre, Vermont.

Flooded Area of North Main Street and Stevens Branch

The left side of the postcard shows a flooded section of the Stevens Branch of the Winooski river. The shoreline stops close to the railway along North Main Street in Barre, Vermont.

"Flood Apr. 7.1912. Barre, Vermont" on Granite Street

The postcard shows the flooding that took place at Vermont Gas, situated at the back of Granite Street in Barre, Vermont, in 1912. The flood appears to have immersed the road entirely and to have flooded the lower level of surrounding buildings.

"Flood Apr. 7.1912. Barre, Vermont" from Main Street

Postcard shows men lined along the sidewalks on the business section of Main Street in Barre, Vermont. A car's wheels are immersed in water as it travels down the flooded street, while drawing the attention of onlookers.