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Aftermath of flooding

On June 30, after heavy rains, there as statewide flooding. The driveway at Frog Run Farm washed out and the field across the road flooded. The truck in the photo had been borrowed from Anatole Trudeau in order to transport manure received from a…

Anatole Trudeau in Sawmill

Anatole Trudeau at his sawmill on the Frog Run Farm property. They bought the farm from him. The first year they purchased the farm, he was still operating the sawmill, and helped the members mill the lumber for the sugarhouse. Later, he dismantled…

At Maple Hill Commune

Rhea Wilson and four children clown for the camera at Maple Hill Commune, Plainfeild, Vt.

At Maple Hill Commune

Two women on chairs in front of a VW Squareback at Maple Hill Commune, Plainfield, Vt.

At New School Picnic

Two men (Chet Cole, left, and Tom Absher, right) lounge on the grass listening to concert at the New School Picnic, Plainfield, Vt.

Barn at Frog Run Farm

Interior of the barn at Frog Run Farm, looking through the cracks in the walls

Bill and Iola Kelley

Bill and Iola Kelley, farmers from Newport, Vt., who mentored the Frog Run Farm inhabitants. Bill offered for the Frog Run Farm to take over his vegetable stand in Derby. They declined because they wanted to farm their own land for their own use

Burlington Anti-War Protest

A group of people sits on the steps of Burlington City Hall during an anit-war rally. Marc Estrin is using a microphone.

Cb Hall

Cb (sic) sugaring at Frog Run Farm

David Houriet

David Houriet, age 5, at Frog Run Farm.