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  • Collection: Montpelier - Glass Plate Negatives

Montpelier as Seen from Berlin Street Hill

View of Montpelier as seen from Berlin Street, perhaps at the intersection of Phelps Street. The Winooski River can be seen below and the Vermont State House is in the distance. 184 Berlin Street can be seen at the right and 169 Berlin Street is on…

Bicycle and Granite Sheds

A bicycle rests in a ditch along Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. Across the Winooski River is a granite shed and on top of the hill is Vermont Methodist Seminary.

Montpelier Along Winooski

A photograph of the town of Montpelier, Vermont, from across the Winooski River.

Train Crossing River

A train is crossing a river on a bridge, probably near Montpelier, Vermont.

Lamoille River Valley, Cambridge

This picture was taken from a hill above Route 15 and the Lamoille River just east of the Pumpkin Harbor Rd. intersection in Cambridge, Vermont. The lower left road is now Route 15. The mountain on the left is Mt Mansfield. Upper Pleasant Valley Road…

Flooded Road

Photograph of a flooded road, probably River Street in Montpelier, Vermont, looking east along the Winooski River.

Man Showing off Carriage

A photograph of a man standing by a small carriage, perhaps in Montpelier, Vermont.

Man on Wagon

A photograph of a man on a wagon with a sign reading "Wood for Sale" travels down Berlin Street in Montpelier, Vermont.

North Branch Ice Wagon

A photograph of a "North Branch Ice" wagon on Berlin Street with the town of Montpelier, Vermont, in the background.

Man and Two Children in Carriage

A photograph of a man and two children riding down Berlin Street in a horse drawn carriage, with the town of Montpelier, Vermont in the background.