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  • Collection: Dorset Historical Society

"Chicken Farm from our Piazza"

Maple Hill in background, chickens and chicken coops in field, along the Dorset (Vt.) West Road at Hunt Gilbert's poultry farm

"Saddleback from Mr. Alexander's"

Stone wall, corn shocks and pumpkins in foreground, with Saddleback and Jackson Peak in the background. Looking east from Dorset (Vt.) West Road.

"Dorset Inn"

Intersection of Church Street and Route 30, looking east, Dorset Vt. Also visible are Armstrong's General Store and The Pinnacle.

"Aeolus from our Porch, 1908"

Mt. Aeolus and Owl's Head, with view of quarries, corn shocks and the corner of a summer tent beside the Dorset (Vt.) West Road

"G's Surrey in our Back Yard, Aug 5, 1908"

George Gilbert and family in his horse-drawn wagon behind Hunt Gilberts home on the Dorset (Vt) West Road.