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Water Inundates Bolton

The Winooksi River overflows its banks and inundates a home on the south bank at Bolton Ferry in Bolton, Vermont. A man in a canoe rows towards the house. The view is looking north-northeast toward the village of Bolton.

High Water on State Street, Montpelier

Water flows down State Street and the corner of Main Street in Montpelier, Vermont. At the left is the clock of the Montpelier National Bank.

High Water on Main Street, Montpelier

High water floods three churches and the public library on Main Street in Montpelier, Vermont. View is looking north.

High Water on East State Street, Montpelier

Flood water backs up along the base of East State Street in Montpelier, Vermont. Men on a raft can be seen in the foreground and a crowd is gathered at water's edge in the background. Shot was taken looking east at about 6:00 to 7:00 am.

Rushing Water in Springfield

The power of the flood water is demonstrated in Springfield, Vermont, where the Black River is rushing through town towards the Connecticut.

State House Lawn After the Flood

The lawn of the Vermont State House in Montpelier is strewn with lumber and debris on the day after the 1927 flood.

East Granville After the Flood

The third branch of the White River as dug a wide channel in East Granville, Vermont, after the 1927 Flood. Railroad tracks are suspended after being undermined by the raging river.

Hoover Inspects Flood Damage

Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover and a team of government officials inspect flood damage in Essex, Vermont.

President Coolidge Visits Flood-Damaged Vermont

President Calvin Coolidge returned to his native state to inspect the flood damage in September 1928. Here he is seen at the back of a train car in Montpelier Junction with Vermont Governor John E. Weeks and their wives.

President Coolidge Inspects Damage

President Calvin Coolidge inspects flood damage in Burlington. From left to right are an unidentified man (with bow tie), Attorney General John G. Sargent (a Vermont native), Mrs. Sargent, Governor John E. Weeks, Mrs. Weeks, First Lady Grace G.…